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The Chelmsford City Cycling Touring Club is an enthusiastic, friendly and well-supported local group with a regular programme of "Sunday runs" led by experienced leaders. Our standard runs start 9.15 am prompt from the Fairfield Road end of the new bus station and are all day rides at a comfortable touring pace with regular refreshment stops for 'elevenses' in the morning, lunch (usually at a village pub) and a 'threeses' stop in the afternoon.

We average about a dozen riders and typically cover around 50 to 60 miles in winter and 70 to 80 miles in the summer. Our routes use the extensive and often overlooked network of beautiful and quiet country lanes and byways, avoiding the main roads almost entirely.

We understand that newcomers or beginners may not feel confident to tackle runs of this length, (although the pace is typically a very leisurely 12 mph average).The run to Elevenses is typically between 18 and 25 miles, and several riders turn back at that point, so a much shorter day is possible.

Occasionally we have a car assisted ride to explore further afield, and social events such as slide shows, a social supper evening, and of course Christmas dinner. Some members participate in other organised rides such as Essex CTC Member Group events Audax rides, randonees etc. For those who do not mind riding at night a group also meets on Tuesday nights at various local hostelries (on a rotating basis), although this is not an organised run. We warmly welcome new members and would be glad to provide more detailed information to anyone interested in joining us. For further details, please contact our group Secretary Adrian Leeds.

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